Pocket Monster Remake Update Terbaru 2017 v1.0.4

Pocket Monster Remake Cheat & hack - Hey kawan untuk mengenang masa kecil kalian termasuk admin, kali ini admin akan membagikan game yang sudah menemani masa kecil kita yaitu Pocket Monster Remake Unlock Everything. Tangkap ribuan monster, kalahkan semua lawanmu dan jadilah master. Dalam game Pocket Monster Remake Premium ini kalian dapat mengupgrade monster kalian, kalian juga bisa menggabungkan monster berbeda sehingga akan muncul monster dengan kemampuan campuran dari Pocket Monster Remake Latest version. Klik juga Clash of Zombies 2 : Atlantis Latest Version.

Download Pocket Monster Remake Gratis  Terbaru 2017 - Merupakan game strategi bikinan Li Moyu ini adalah game bertema petualangan terbaik tahun ini, sekarang menembus platform wifi dan online. Mulailah petualanganmu dalam Pocket Monster Remake Unlock Features memasuki dunia sihir yang baru dan dapatkan monster baru. Cocok untuk mengingat masa kecil kalian. Untuk pemain pemula yang belum pernah main Pocket Monster Remake Free Apk Mod Auto Catch, mudah untuk mempelajari dan merasa senang menjadi master dari Pocket Monster Remake God's Mode ini, kalian akan melawan musuh dari berbagai pemain di seluruh dunia. Baca juga Yokai Saga APK v1.1.12 Mod Unlimited Coins.

Pocket Monster Remake Features :
  • Attractive adventure story : The game is highly restored the classic work. However, it is more modern and interesting. Get through the towns and gyms one by one, capture monsters in wildness during adventure.
  • Grow your own monsters: Monsters are classified into different types, such as Ice-type, Ground-type, Psychic-type and etc. Everyone has different characters and abilities. No matter enemies in instance or in PVP, the formation of your team need to be considered carefully. Think over how to form your team will make you more and more powerful.
  • Compete against players all around the world : Make friends with fans from all over the world with the same hobby. Compete with them in PVP, who will rank the top in all the trainers? Guild is a group for some players, you can advance together, for example, you can invite players in your guild to help you defend the mine.
  • Various kinds of shops : Various kinds of items are available in the shops. Buy some of them if you need the certain one. The goods refresh everyday, pay attention to the shops to get the recourse you want.
  • Multi Events : Get awards of multi events instead of wasting a lot of money. There are different events every week in the game and on official fan page, even for the fact of starting the game! Take part in and get monsters and items to be more and more powerful!
Pocket Monster Remake Requires : 
  • Android 4.0.3+
  • Google Play
  • Online
Link Download :

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